Vacuum Infusion Kit – Consumables Only

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Our new Consumables Only Vacuum Infusion Kit sets you up with every consumable item and product you’ll need to start vacuum infusing composites. All you’ll need to add is some fabric, resin/hardener and equipment. Check out our Complete Vacuum Infusion Kit if you’re looking for the full package.


Item SKU Quantity
Airtech Resinflow 60 Resin Flow 60″ 914-60 3 yards
Airtech Wrightlon® WL5400 Nylon Vacuum Bagging Film 60″ 1952-60 5 yards
Airtech Bleeder Lease B Coated Peel Ply 511-60 4 yards
Aerovac Vac Seal 2042 Sealant Tape – Roll 10705 3 rolls
Spiral Wrap For Vacuum Infusion 509-3/8″ OD 25 ft
Vacuum Tubing Polyethylene 499-1/2″OD 25 ft
Polyethylene HDPE T (3/8″) 1895-3/8″ 10 pack
Mixing Container With Measurements (Quart) 403 2
12 Inch Bamboo Paint Paddle 2012 2
Disposable Nitrile Gloves 409 8 pack


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